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Roofers Troy MI Call (586) 731-9830Your roof is absolutely critical to the overall structure of your home. It provides the essential covering for your house, keeping you and all of your belongings safe from water, wind, extreme temperatures and sunlight. Depending on what it is made of, you can expect the life of your roof to be up to 20-25 years. If you live in the Troy area, it is especially important to have your roof checked out by professional roofers regularly to ensure that small issues can be repaired and that they do not turn into larger problems. RAM Residential Remodeling offers comprehensive roofing services for those in the Troy, MI area. 

Roof Repair and Replacement in Troy MI

The experienced roofers at RAM Residential Remodeling can complete all types of residential roofing work in Troy, MI including:

  • All types of roofing repairs, roof patching and color matching to blend in with your existing roof
  • New roof installation with a wide selection of asphalt shingles, architectural shingles, metal roofing, and more.
  • Ice dam removal
  • Gutter installation and repair
  • Annual roof inspections
  • Roof tear down, demolition and/or removal

Experienced And Trusted Roofers in Troy, MI Ready To Serve You

The roofers at Ram Residential Remodeling have been doing roofing work in the Troy, MI area for more than three decades. We have built our strong, local reputation based on our high quality work, responsive customer service and a friendly and professional staff. This has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We can complete annual roofing inspections and clearly and completely communicate our findings so that you know exactly what repairs need to be made and what they will cost.

Our team of experienced roofers understands that roof repairs in Troy can be stressful. We also know that your home is your biggest investment. This is why RAM Residential Remodeling offers our customers a transferable lifetime warranty on our new roof installation and repairs so that if you sell your home, you can increase the resale value and offer this warranty to the new owners.

If you have noticed a watermark on your ceiling coming into your home, or you have seen shingles flapping in the wind, or noticed debris or shingles in your downspouts, you may have a roofing issue that needs to be addressed. The roofers at RAM Residential are ready to help! Give us a call at 586-731-9830 to schedule a roof inspection of your Troy, MI home or commercial property.