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Roofers in Macomb County MI Call (586) 731-9830Annual roof inspections can be very helpful for those living in the Michigan area. The local winter weather is brutal, with extreme cold, wind and precipitation that can result in snow and ice on your roof for several months of the year. In fact, ice dams, a buildup of ice, very often form on residential and commercial roofs and can cause significant damage to your roof, your gutter system and the drywall and interior of your property. The bottom line is that if you are developing a problem on your roof, it is better to know that sooner rather than later. The experienced roofers at RAM Residential Remodeling specialize in roof repair, ice dam removal and new roof installation for those in the Macomb County, MI area.

Roof Repair and Ice Dam Removal Services in Macomb County

Ice dams form when snow melts on warmer parts of your roof that see more daily sunlight and then refreezes into heavy icicles. If your roof is already vulnerable, then ice dams can be extremely problematic and costly. The Macomb County, MI roofers at RAM Residential Remodeling can remove these dangerous ice dams during the winter months and ensure that your roof is strong and functional before winter sets in. If we find any areas on your roof that need to be patched or repaired, our experienced roofers can take care of this quickly at an affordable price. Our roofers offer free roofing evaluations so that you can feel confident that your roof will be strong enough to make it through all that a Macomb County winter has in store.

Experienced and Reliable Roofers

RAM Residential Remodeling has been partnering with residents in the Macomb County, MI area for more than three decades and we have a received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. You can be confident in our roofer’s commitment to the best customer service in the area, affordable prices and high quality workmanship. We are happy to complete large roofing jobs or small roof repairs, our goal is to simply give you the best service at the best value.

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Our team of roofers can help you battle the harsh Michigan winters and protect the integrity of your roof. We can complete a comprehensive roofing evaluation to ensure that your Macomb County home is prepared for whatever the weather has in store. For more information about RAM Residential Remodeling’s team of knowledgeable roofers, call us today at (586) 731-9830.