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Roofers in Madison Heights MIThe team at RAM Residential Remodeling has worked hard to develop the reputation as one of the best roofers in Madison Heights MI and we have accomplished that task over the past thirty years.  We prioritize high quality work and excellent customer service.  You may not think much about your roof until it needs to be repaired after a storm or replaced because of age.  But the larger truth is that your home’s roof can have an impact on your overall property value and curb appeal if and when you choose to sell your home.

Professional Roofers in Madison Heights MI

There are many roofers in Madison Heights MI you can choose from, but we hope that the combination of our professionalism and emphasis on excellent customer service will convince you that we are, in fact, the best roofers in Madison Heights MI.  This state is well known for its extreme weather potential.  Snow and ice that fall in winter may get the headlines, but we cannot forget that the warm weather months can also be brutal to our homes.  And given that your roof is the single most exposed component of your house, it is under constant contact with the elements.  It must be strong, durable, reliable, and professionally maintained.  To ensure that your roof is functioning as it should, we recommend contracting with the best roofers in Madison Heights MI—RAM Residential Remodeling. 

The service we provide when your roof shows signs of wear and tear is professional.  Our team of roofers in Madison Heights MI will never sell you on a service you do not need.  If more predictable weather over a period of a year or two has caused you to think even less about the condition of your roof, realize that time and constant exposure can silently contribute to the degradation of your roof’s condition.  Storms may get your attention and result in necessary repairs, but please remember that your roof is under constant exposure to weather. If your worried about the integrity of your roof, feel free to reach out to RAM Residential Remodeling’s team of roofers in Madison Heights, MI

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If you have lived in your house for more than ten years and you have not had the roofers in Madison Heights MI evaluate its condition, now is a great time.  If your house is more than twenty-five years old and you cannot remember when it was last evaluated, again we recommend contacting our team of roofers in Madison Heights MI to do the job.  Even if your roof is under twenty-five years old, it can develop other issues.  A cursory look on your part at the shingles may reveal curling or buckling.  This is not uncommon, especially if the shingles were installed quickly or are of low quality.  Age can also cause shingles to deform.  If you notice that some shingles are curling, the RAM Residential Remodeling roofers in Madison Heights MI can help you determine the best course of action.  Failing shingles can allow water to penetrate underneath, which can cause leaks inside and damage to the underlying structure. If you would like to schedule a consultation with our roofers in Madison Heights MI, call us today at (586) 731-9830.