Should I Get A Roof Replacement Before Selling My Home In Michigan?

Should I Get A Roof Replacement Before Selling My Home In Michigan?

Getting a new roof is a big home improvement investment, but it’s something most homeowners do about once a decade. If you have an old roof on a home you plan to sell, you may be debating whether or not to replace it in the near future. Is a roof replacement a good investment, or are you better off leaving that to the buyer? Let’s weigh the pros and cons to make the best decision for your home in Michigan.

A New Roof Is A Selling Feature

If you can advertise that your home for sale has a new roof, you will attract a bigger pool of buyers. Most people think that getting a roof replacement is much more expensive than it actually is. Thus they will shy away from homes that need new roofs because they do not want to cover the cost. If you get the work done ahead of time, the buyers will be much more inclined to tour your property.

Replacing The Roof Shows That You Care About Your Home

Buyers want to know that the home that they’re getting is well cared for. Even if you have dated design features in the home, they will value the work done to keep the house in good shape. Getting a roof replacement, new windows, or updated siding before selling your home shows people just how well you took care of the house. They will feel more comfortable purchasing it after that.

The Roof Will Pay For Itself

If you need a replacement roof and choose not to get one, you will have to lower the price of the home. Even at that low price, buyers may try to negotiate an even lower one because they have leverage. The money you will lose dropping the price of the house is greater than the actual cost of the roof replacement. Whatever investment you make in a new roof will quickly pay for itself. When it comes to selling a home, you are always better off making repairs first, rather than leaving that up to the buyer.

Use A Roof Replacement To Add Curb Appeal

Feel like your home looks dated and unappealing? You can sold part of that problem with a new roof. Repaint the trim, clean up the landscaping and take care of any damages that are visible from the street. None of these tasks are particularly time consuming, and they all make a big difference for potential buyers. You want to wow them from the start, and this is exactly how you can do that.

Get A Fair Price For Your Roofing

If buyers know that your roof needs to be replaced, they may try to work that cost into the sale of the home. Most of the time, this means getting a quote from multiple roofing companies in Michigan and using the highest one to negotiate with. The highest quote isn’t always the best work though, and you could end up overpaying for the new roof. If you take care of everything in advance, you can rest assured that you got a fair price on quality roof installation.

Ask About A Transferrable Warranty

If you get a new roof before selling your home, make sure to ask if the warranty is transferrable. This is yet another selling feature that you can use to your advantage. Not all roofing companies or roofing manufacturers offer transferrable warranties, so you need to specify this when getting your roof replaced. Contact RAM Residential Remodeling at (586) 731-9830 to learn more about our roof installation services in Michigan.