Siding Repairs vs. Siding Replacement – Which Option Is Right for You?

Siding Repairs vs. Siding Replacement – Which Option Is Right for You?

If you notice a problem with your exterior siding, you may be tempted to replace it altogether. There is nothing wrong with doing that, but it could be a cost you don’t have to incur. Siding repairs are more affordable than siding replacements, and they offer just as much protection in the end. The question is, which option is right for you?

How Bad Is the Damage?

In some cases, the siding damage is too far gone to qualify for repairs. This is when it is best just to replace your siding altogether. For instance, let’s say a strong hail storm with heavy winds destroyed one side of your home. It would likely cost less to replace that part of your siding than to attempt to repair it. If you set up a consultation with us, we can determine how extensive your damage is.

Does Your Siding Look Outdated?

If you want to improve the look of your home, new siding could do the trick. Of course, you may only need siding repairs and a fresh paint job, depending on the age of your home. The great thing about new siding is that it could transform the way your home looks. Add sleek, modern materials and instantly bump your curb appeal. The choice to do this is yours alone.

Are Siding Repairs Possible?

We can fix just about any siding damage you may have, but there are times when siding repair just isn’t possible or logical. For example, it would be impossible to repair your siding if your home had gone through gunfire, where there were holes all over the place. How often does that happen? Almost never. Nonetheless, there are some instances when repairs cannot be made.

What Is Your Home Repair Budget?

We always keep your budget in mind when structuring a deal for your exterior siding. If the repairs can be covered by your insurance policy, then we will also think about the money you are allowed to spend with that. If there is room in the budget for completely new siding, you might as well get it installed. It will last you well into the future. If the repairs are small and simple though, you might be better off just fixing the damage to your siding. We also can help you with roof repairs, gutter repairs and new insulation. Contact us today.

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