Roofing Repair Troy, MI

Roofing Repair In Troy, MI

Roofing Repair In Troy, MIAt RAM Residential Remodeling, there’s no better feeling than having satisfied customers. Too often, individuals choose a roofing repair contractor and end up regretting the decision quickly after the work is complete. Providing roofing repair in Troy, MI, we go the extra mile to ensure that all of our clients in the area are completely satisfied with their roofing repair services. So, when it comes to roofing repair in Troy, MI, make sure you choose the right contractor to handle your repairs the first time around!

No Pressure Evaluation on Roofing Repair in Troy MI

Another issue with other contractors that provide roofing repair in Troy, MI is that they too often pressure their customers into replacing their roof before it is actually time. At RAM Residential Remodeling, if we’re able to handle your issues with a simple roof repair, then that’s what we’ll do! We only recommend replacement roofing when it is truly needed. Our roofing evaluations are free, so let us inspect the health of your roof to ensure that no roofing repairs are needed at this time.

Licensed Roofing Experts in Troy MI

When it comes to roofing repair in Troy, MI, the last thing that you want to do is partner with a non-licensed roofing company. At RAM Residential Remodeling, we are a very hands on roofing team that loves everything about a roof. We don’t mind getting dirty to repair your roof. With nearly 30 years of experience providing roofing repair in Troy, MI, our clients know the type of work they get from our staff. Customer service is key, high quality materials are required and attention to detail is something that all of our roofing repair experts have a passion for.

Common Roofing Repairs

Quite often, the roofing repair in Troy, MI that we get called for the most is a leaking roof. No one ever wants water to penetrate through their roof. This not only causes damage to your home, but it can lead to mold down the road as well. Other roofing repairs in Troy, MI that we often provide our customers include:

  • Roof Patching
  • Storm Damage Repairs
  • Flat Roof Repairs
  • Rubber Roof Repairs
  • Shingle Repairs
  • Snow and Ice Roof Removal

When it comes to finding a reliable contractor that provides high quality roofing repair in Troy, MI, you should look no further than our dedicated team at RAM Residential Remodeling. To request a free roofing repair estimate today, give our trusted staff a call at (586) 731-9830.