Window Installation Warren MI

Window Installation Warren MI

Window Installation Warren MIIf you are having trouble with your windows and want to replace the ones installed by your home’s builder, you have lots of choices.  However, if you also want the assurance that your replacement windows will be installed properly, provide greater energy efficiency, are constructed of high enough quality to withstand weather and temperature extremes, and are installed by professionals who do the job right, the number of choices you have quickly diminishes. 

RAM Residential Remodeling, specializes in window installation in Warren MI and has staked our reputation on being honest with our clients, providing competitive pricing, and, above all, offering the highest quality replacement windows on the market.

High Quality Replacement Window Installation in Warren MI

Window installation in Warren MI is not something that should be taken lightly, yet many companies that offer window installation services do exactly that.  We do not.  We understand that houses with poorly installed windows are vulnerable to weather extremes and leaking.  When offer window installation in Warren MI, you gain greater confidence in your home’s security, safety, and energy efficiency.  RAM Residential is really in the business of making your home safe and secure against the harsh extremes of Minnesota weather, and doing so by beautifying your home with high quality replacement windows.  

Here are some specifics about the quality of the replacement windows we install:

  • We employ a fusion-welded system to make our replacement windows 3 times stronger than windows whose joints are held together by glue or screws.
  • Our windows offer improved energy efficiency as a result of the Advanced Comfort™ Foam injected into the frame chamber.
  • Our window screens have a full-track screen-tension system as a replacement to the more familiar, but far less effective, plastic-clips on most other screens.
  • Our screen frames do not bend like contractor-grade frames, which means that you can remove them for cleaning without worrying about them becoming misshapen.
  • The glass we use in our windows is triple-glazed.
  • We offer a variety of features, including double-hung windows, advanced sliders, and energy-efficient windows.
  • We also offer Krypton-filled glass windows that reflect heat away from your house.
  • We use a patented balancing system so that your replacement windows are easy to open and close.

Reputable Window Installation in Warren MI

We want to earn your business by showing you our commitment to providing you with the best possible quality products at competitive prices.  We will do the job right the first time and we will be honest with you about the window installation process.  Not all window installation contractors can provide the same assurances.  Given the significance of your investment and the importance of properly installed windows, we consider our guarantees to be unique and vitally important.  To reinforce the point, our window installation in Warren MI comes with a lifetime warranty and includes broken glass.

For a free estimate, give RAM Residential a call at (586) 731-9830 or submit the form on our website.