Why Spring is the Perfect Time for a Roof Inspection

Why Spring is the Perfect Time for a Roof Inspection

For many people, spring is the best time of the year. Not only is it the gateway to summer that brings warmer weather, it’s also a sure sign the chilliness of winter is over for another year!

Spring is also the best time to get your roof inspected, and here are three reasons why:

The Weather is Improving

It’s wonderful to bask in the warmth of summer, but it’s not so wonderful for your roof. The roof of your property has just spent several months being exposed to the elements. It’s been cold and probably wet, and now it’s going to be warm and potentially dry.

Your roof has probably taken a bit of a bombardment during winter, and now it’s time for another battering with sunshine. Have your roof inspected for signs of damage by the elements.

It’s the Best Time of the Year to Clean Your Roof and Inspect for Damage

The winter may have left debris on your roof, such as leaves and other aspects of nature. Your gutters may become clogged if you leave debris to wash off your roof and into your gutters.

So, while you are getting your roof cleared you may also wish to kill two birds with one stone and get your roof inspected at the same time. As winter is the most likely time for roof damage, the first inspection of the year is also the earliest time that such damage will be noticed!

Getting Your Roof Inspected Will Ease Your Worries Throughout the Summer

The longer you leave roof damage without getting it fixed, the worse the damage will become and the more expensive it will be to fix. Instead of waiting all spring, summer and then fall to get it fixed (and the very worst thing you can do is leave it in a state of disrepair through another winter!) have all roof damage and issues repaired as soon as possible.

If you schedule a roof inspection from professional inspectors, then those same people will have the right tools, expertise, and experience to make the roof repairs as well. They should be able to give you a rundown of how long the repairs will take, and how much they will cost.

If you want your roof inspected perfectly – whether it is spring, summer, winter or fall – then contact the professionals here at RAM Residential Remodeling. You can contact us by phone at (586) 731-9830 or by using the online contact form on our website.