Why Proper Siding Installation Is So Important

Why Proper Siding Installation Is So Important

When you select RAM Residential as your siding installation contractor, you can be sure that the quality of our work will inspire confidence in the long-term durability of your new siding.  When properly installed, your home’s siding protects everything underneath it, eliminating the possibility of moisture reaching the frame of the structure of your house.  RAM Residential understands that different siding materials require different installation techniques.

Siding Installation Process

For instance, if you have wood siding, it will need to be affixed to your house with a very tight fit.  By contrast, vinyl siding materials are installed differently.  Before vinyl siding is attached to the side of your house, nails are driven into the horizontal slots at the uppermost part of the panel’s hem.  The vinyl siding is then affixed by hanging each individual piece from the nails in the hem.  Vinyl siding expands and contracts in response to temperature fluctuation, so a tight fit against your home would prevent the necessary expansion and contraction of the siding material.

From a distance, most homes’ siding looks like any other.  But as you can see, the differences between siding materials indicate a need for extensive knowledge of the siding materials’ properties.  The team at RAM Residential has the expertise to understand just how to install your chosen siding material properly.

Consequences of Improper Siding Installation

Failure to understand the specific properties of your siding can result in disaster.  Improper installation can allow moisture to get under the siding and begin to rot away what is underneath.  Mold and rot can do extensive damage to your home’s framing.  In addition, improper siding installation can also impact the energy efficiency of your home, driving your power bills up unnecessarily. Fortunately, though, our staff has the professional knowledge and experience to ensure that your siding will be installed the right way – the first time.  We have been in business for three decades, and during that time we have made a commitment to adhere to and surpass professional industry standards.

Experienced Siding Contractors in MI

When we install your siding choice, we do so with the benefit of our business’s long-term success and the specific expertise of every staff member who works on your home’s siding project.  Because of the care we take to understand the unique dynamics of each siding material, your home will be safer than if you were to choose to work with a company that does not make the same kind of commitment.

We simply cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to have your home’s siding installed by a company whose staff understands the properties of each siding material. For more information about aluminum or vinyl siding installation, call us at (586) 731-9830 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.