Why Choose Vinyl Siding over Traditional Wood Siding?

Why Choose Vinyl Siding over Traditional Wood Siding?

If your house currently has wood siding, making the decision to switch to vinyl siding may not be as big as it now seems.  Sure, it is easy to love wood.  It is a time-honored and reliable siding choice.  Wood smells good and it is also easy to work with.  But wood also comes with some down sides, including the fact that it is expensive to paint, maintain, repair, and replace. 

Choosing the Best Siding Material for your Home

Vinyl siding, when installed by Ram Residential Remodeling, may be what finally convinces you to make the switch from wood siding.  If the thought of vinyl siding conjures images of cheap 1970s décor, please consider that technological advances have finally harnessed the real potential of vinyl.  Those technological advances allow vinyl to look almost identical to wood siding, and vinyl siding no longer suffers from the cracking, sagging, and buckling that used to characterize it.  It has become a reliable and highly durable material for use on the exterior of homes of all shapes and sizes.  

Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Ram Residential Remodeling has the experience and expertise in vinyl siding installation to guarantee your satisfaction.  Once we install your new vinyl siding, maintenance of it will very likely be limited to periodic cleaning.  Vinyl siding allows it to be painted or stained, but it does not need to be painted or stained in order to protect your home from the elements.  It has become an extremely versatile and reliable form of exterior protection for your home.  In short, it has most of the advantages of wood siding but does not come with wood’s fatal flaws. 

A huge advantage that vinyl has over wood is the cost of installation.  Vinyl is far less expensive to purchase and install.  Regardless of what material forms your siding, you want your installer to be professional, experienced, and reliable.  Ram Residential Remodeling can counsel you about the best siding choice for you and your family.  We believe that vinyl siding has advanced measurably in recent years and no longer suffers from the flaws that formerly characterized it.  Further, it provides a suitable alternative to most, if not all, wood sidings. Our team will offer you the benefit of our professional expertise when sharing the strengths and weaknesses of all potential siding choices.

Experienced Siding Installation Experts

The crew at Ram Residential Remodeling works hard to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our work.  If you would like to discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of wood and vinyl siding, call us at (586) 731-9830 or schedule a time for a free siding evaluation.