What does R Value Mean When It Comes to Replacement Windows?

What does R Value Mean When It Comes to Replacement Windows?

Whenever you have been researching replacement windows, you may have come across the term ‘R value’. If this phrase means nothing to you then fair enough, but ignoring the R value of your replacement windows is something you should definitely not do.

So, what is R value, and why is it so important?

What is a Replacement Window’s R Value?

The main purposes of a window are to allow light to enter your residence, and to allow you to see outside. However, windows act as a barrier, and they act as a barrier to heat as well. Heat always tries to move from warm to cool, and some windows are not very good at keeping heat from escaping a room.

A replacement window’s R value is how resistant the window is to the natural process of allowing heat to flow through it. If you want to keep the warmth in, then you need to buy replacement windows with a high R value.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Windows With High R Values?

In short, the main benefit of a window with a high R value over one with a low R value is efficiency. At times when it is cooler outside than what you want it to be inside, you will want to retain as much heat as you can within your home.

If your windows have low R values, then you will be wasting time heating air that then simply escapes through your window instead of heating your home. This will lead of course to higher energy bills and rooms that are chillier than you would like them to be.

In warmer months when you are cooling your home, windows with low R values will simply allow unwanted heat into your home. This means your air conditioning system will have to work harder to keep your home at an ideal temperature.

When it comes to selling your home should you choose to move, you may find it harder to sell your property when prospective buyers notice you have replaced your windows with new windows that have low R values. Such potential buyers may ask you to lower the asking price because they’re worried about the efficiency of the windows.

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