Why Is It Important To Have Roof Ventilation

Why Is It Important To Have Roof Ventilation

Why do you need to have roof ventilation at all? This is one of the most common questions asked by home owners who are in the process of getting a new house constructed or are keen on repairing/ remodeling their existing ones. To help your roof last longer is the perfect answer. But then that is an oversimplification of facts. Let us get down to the nitty-gritty in order to figure out the details.

Sure your roof last longer with ventilation but how? Well, the answer will vary depending on the climate of your area. If you happen to stay up North and are accustomed to freezing winters, your roof will experience it too and can prevent the melting of ice and refreezing at its edges thereby freezing the shingles beneath it with the help of adequate ventilation. The accumulated snow on your roof top tends to thaw by coming in contact with the hot air under the roof released via the vents. The situation is reversed in warmer climates where the energy requirement for running an air conditioner becomes less thanks to an effective roof ventilation system. Of course, you get to benefit from both if you happen to stay in a place given to extreme climate i.e. very hot summers and freezing winters.

Your house, the roof in particular would have to struggle with excessive moisture especially if it happens to be located in the South of Michigan. An effective ventilation system tends to release the accumulated moisture as well thereby preventing damage to the underlying structures that are essential in holding up the entire house. A nail may rust over time after being exposed to moisture over a long period of time for instance, causing the framework to weaken or even break away. Formation of mold and fungi including the dreaded dry rot is sure to set in without adequate roof ventilation too. Insisting on a good ventilation system for your roof is of utmost importance, therefore.

Be sure to keep all the key points of your roof ventilated if you want to protect your house from the vagaries of weather. But what is the actual method of ensuring that your roof remains free from damages? Check out the vents in your attic. There should be both exhaust as well as intake vents under the soffit. Another rule that you must follow is to have at least 1 sq. foot of ventilation for every 150 sq. feet space in your attic.

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