Roof Maintenance Checklist

Roof Maintenance Checklist

To protect your investment in a new roof, it is important to go through annual roof maintenance. This will ensure that your roof is operating the way it is supposed to operate so you do not end up replacing it early on. Read over this roof maintenance checklist to keep your roof looking its best.

Clean Gutters

Your gutters have a big impact on the reliability of your roof. Clutter gutters will cause water to build up around the house trim and roof edging, which can cause warping and deterioration over time. Clean out the gutters periodically or have professional gutter cleaners do it for you. If the guttering is badly damaged, replace it as soon as possible.

Regular Roofing Inspections

If your home has recently been hit with a bad storm, you may want to schedule a roofing inspection to make sure nothing needs to be repaired or replaced. Aside from that, it would be wise to have your roof inspected every few years so you can catch potential problems early on. This is especially true for older roofs that are getting close to the end of their lifespans.

Proper Attic Insulation

Make sure your attic is insulated well and that it has an appropriate amount of ventilation in it. This will keep the wood under your roof from contracting in the winter and expanding in the simmer. While there will be some changes in the wood no matter what, the insulation in your attic will prevent dramatic shifts that could cause problems with your roofing over time. This will also help you cut the energy costs in your home.

Roofing Repair (As Needed)

If you notice problems with your roof, it is important to repair the early on. A small leak can quickly lead to a serious mold issue if you are not careful. Here are some signs your roof needs to be repaired:

  • Surface Cracking
  • Uneven Parts Of The Roof (Bubbling Or Blistering)
  • Curing Shingles, Usually On The Bottom Edge
  • Leaks Inside The Home
  • Noticeable Areas Of Discoloration

Contact some professional roofing contractors as soon as you notice any of these issues so they can inspect your roof for damage. If you are buying a new home or are preparing to sell your existing one, get your repairs taken care of before the sale is complete. A single inspection can save you a lot of headache in the future.