Remodeling Tips For Home Staging In Michigan

Remodeling Tips For Home Staging In Michigan

Home staging is the process of preparing a home to sell. This gives potential buyers the best view of the home so they can imagine themselves living there. Home staging consists of two parts: home remodeling and furniture placement/decorating. In this guide, we will focus on remodeling tips for home staging so you can get your property ready for the market.

Fresh Paint Throughout

Painting the walls, trim and exterior components of your home will make it look fresh and clean. This is simple and fairly inexpensive to do, and it will make a huge difference in your home’s appearance. When selecting paint for the interior, choose a light neutral color for the walls. Grey and beige tones work well. If you have natural wood trim, make sure that the neutral color you choose compliments the trim well. If you have white trim, freshen it up with new white paint before selling.

As for the exterior of the home, use contrasting colors to highlight special features, such as the front door, shutters, or arches in your roofing. Make your house look special but still neutral enough to appeal to most buyers. That will help you sell it quickly.

Repair Or Replace The Roof

Since the roof is one of the priciest home investments people make, a damaged roof could turn away potential buyers. Get a roof inspection and take care of any roof repairs that need to be done in advance. This may not seem like part of “home staging,” but it will improve your curb appeal and ensure that your home passes the buyers’ inspections.

Avoid Major Home Improvements

Knocking out walls and putting a new addition on your home may add value and improve the floor plan. However, you may not get a good return on investment when you go to sell the home. You’re better off spending that money on important repairs that need to be made, like getting new windows or repairing the siding. Leave the big home improvements to the buyers and focus on cosmetic improvements like the ones listed in these remodeling tips.

Finish The Basement

This may sound contradictory to the remodeling tip above, but finishing a basement is less expensive than you might think. It is usually just a matter of adding flooring and drywall to the space to make it look like an actual room. You don’t necessarily need to add a bathroom or walls in the basement. The buyers can do that to fit their needs. Having a finished basement will increase the usable square footage of your home, which will help you sell it faster. This is something Michigan homebuyers have come to expect.

Update The Kitchen And Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms are the biggest selling features of your home. Dated tile and countertops will turn away buyers who are afraid of the remodeling work that comes with them. Even something as simple as repainting the cabinets and replacing the backsplash can significantly improve the sell-ability of your home. That is the purpose of home staging – to make your house irresistible to buyers.

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