Add Old World Charm To Your Interiors With Stonework

Add Old World Charm To Your Interiors With Stonework

Custom House Stone WorkUsing stonework for reconstruction or remodeling of your house is great. But do you really have to confine yourself to the external walls and arched entrances when it comes to adding stonework? Forget landscaping too and turn your thoughts to the inside of your home. Why not utilize the classic stonework in order to make your interiors unique with a curious blend of modern techniques and traditional old world style? Not only do you get a beautiful tailor made home in the process, the price of your house goes up substantially too making it a win-in situation all the way.

Let us now take a look around and see how to prop up your interiors by using stonework.

Using an accent wall by differing it in style or design happens to be the trend at present. While it is perfectly okay to use a contrasting paint or color, you may as well add stonework to it thereby creating a beautiful stone accent wall that not only looks different, but upgrades your room too. The drastically different texture with the unique combination of stones set within the wall is sure to set your home apart from the other opulent houses in your area.

Interior Stone WorkHowever, be careful to install a stonework accent wall in your living room or hall that is bigger than the others. A stonework wall may look attractive but you tend to lose precious space too as part of the wall projects forwards. Making a small sized room appear even smaller is certainly not advisable.

You can also create a stand made of stonework akin to a faux fireplace. It will indeed be a great way to showcase your paintings or mount your television by placing them above it.

Prepping up your interiors can also be done by installing a couple of stonework archways leading from one room to another. Entering your dining area via such an archway is sure to make you feel like a hero on a medieval adventure.

Stonework can also be used to enhance your kitchen d├ęcor substantially. Having a stone studded pantry door or a frame for hanging your ladles, pots and pans will definitely give the humble room a timeless look without interfering in the actual cooking process in any way. Your kitchen has to be comfortably big of course. That is a pre requisite for enveloping it with an old world charm by means of expertly installed stonework.