How To Use A Tarp To Temporarily Stop Roof Leaks

How To Use A Tarp To Temporarily Stop Roof Leaks

Roof leaks happen, and the longer you let them go on, the more money you end up spending on them. It is best to get your roof repaired right away, but now just might not be the best time for you to do that. In that case, you need to at least try to stop your roof leak with a tarp so the damage does not get any worse. Here is a guide showing how to use a tarp to temporarily stop roof leaks so you can keep your damage to a minimum.

1 – Find The Leak

Look for the area of your roof that has the damage, starting from the interior and then working out to the exterior. You will need to go into your attic, if you have one, to get the best possible view of the damage. Be careful when you are walking around on your roof because it may be soft in spots. Have at least one person there to help you in case you fall through.

2 – Cover The Leak With The Tarp

This step is pretty straightforward. Cover the leaky area with the tarp, making sure that it has coverage of at least 3 feet on all sides, plus enough extra tarp to wrap over the roof peak.

Wrap the tarp over the peak of the roof so that water won’t get trapped underneath it.

3 – Secure The Tarp To The Roof

Using 1″x4″ boards and 2″ deck screws, secure the border of the tarp to the roof. You will need to create a frame around the tarp with the boards to keep the tarp as tight as possible. It may also be wise to wrap the tarp around the boards and then screw everything together as one unit. That will prevent even more water from coming in.

4 – Use Plywood To Fill In The Gaps

If there are uneven areas of your roof that need to be covered, you can use plywood or additional sections of 1×4’s to cover that area.

5 – Get Your Roof Fixed As Soon As Possible

Remember that this is just a temporary solution to your roof leaks. You still need to have your roof repaired as soon as possible. The sooner you get it taken care of, the less you will have to worry about in the future. Get the repairs you need to keep your home safe.

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