How To Choose The Ideal Replacement Window

How To Choose The Ideal Replacement Window

Trying to find a replacement window that is really cheap is not a good idea. You do certainly need to check out the price but opting for a superior quality becomes an absolute necessary when you want to combine functionality with style. It would, therefore, be a wise move to consult the window manufacturer or request for the opinion of the contractor who has been entrusted to install the replacement windows in your house.

You can also check out the most important features of the best quality replacement windows before you set about installing them. Here are the facts:

  • Visual appeal: You will definitely want your windows to add to the aesthetic appeal of your house. However, be sure to check whether your chosen replacement window has the perimeter framed uniformly. It would also be more effective to go for a beveled style of frame instead of the common place box like one.
  • Energy Tax: You are likely to benefit hugely by purchasing replacement windows that meet the ‘Energy Tax Credit.’ Not only will they prove to be comfortable during both summer and winter but your cooling and heating bills are liable to come down sharply as well.
  • Seals: Ask your contractor about the kind of seals that will come with your replacement window. You would not want to have one where the gas leaks out in between the panes, surely. Feel free to question about the various types of ‘super spacer’ seals in the market and opt for either a metal one or a glass flex according to your need.
  • Number of Chambers: Ensure that your replacement window is multi chambered. While some manufacturers may insist on adding some foam within the frame, it does nothing for the structure of your window. It would be best to insist on a multi chambered replacement window that provides total insulation along with being structurally sound.
  • Corners: Fusion welded corners are the hallmark of quality replacement windows too. The price range for welders is staggeringly huge and you are welcome to take your pick. Be sure not to choose the cheapest one available though as it may only weld the outer edges instead of including the internal chambers along with it.
  • Warmers: Look for the edge spacers when you are out shopping for a replacement window. The truly energy efficient ones utilize the ‘warm edge technology,’ that you cannot afford to miss.

It is time to take a look at the warranty offered once you have made your choice. Be sure to read the fine print too and get in touch with the most reliable contractor who makes quality replacement window installations in your area. RAM Residential has been providing the people of Metro Detroit quality replacement windows alongside our roofing and siding installations. If you want an honest evaluation plus an affordable price. Give us a call (586) 731-9830… if not, then good luck to you!