Siding Contractors Huron MI

Siding Contractors Huron MI

Siding Contractors Huron MIIf you’re updating an older home, you likely find that your windows and siding both need to be replaced at around the same time. And as most siding contractors will tell you, it’s certainly easier and more cost effective to do them both simultaneously. But maybe you’re unsure about taking on too much at once, and want to decide which project should be done first.

Thanks to our vast experience spanning over 30 years as window and siding contractors in Huron, MI, we’ve got all your answers right here. If you have decided to undertake these projects separately, it can be tough to decide which project to do first. As experienced siding contractors, we’d like to break down the technical process to help you decide.

What Window Installation Does To Existing Siding

Full window replacements require quite a bit of detailed work in order to secure the windows perfectly. The capping that acts as an interface between your window casing and siding helps to create a moisture barrier between the exterior and interior of your home. Adjustments can require accessing areas underneath your siding and may require the removal of existing siding to gain access. There is a chance that older siding may be difficult to replace precisely as it was before, even for experienced siding contractors, so it may look out of place after the windows are installed.

Windows can also be installed as an insert replacement without the need for redoing all of the capping. However, you should be aware that these installations will not prevent leaks or drafts that occur due to the older window frames that remain in place. They also may not last as long because the window frame may already be near the end of its lifespan when the window is newly installed.

What Siding Installation Does To Existing Windows

Replacing siding involves removing all of the old siding, preparing the wall and installing the new siding over a repaired moisture barrier. The removal process can often damage the window capping on any windows which are not removed. If you’ve just replaced your windows, this could mean having to pay for your new windows to be recapped twice: once upon installation and once by the siding contractors who replace your siding. No reputable siding contractor should let your windows remain uncapped, particularly given the climate here in Huron, MI.

Windows First Is Best

If you must choose one project to do first, it makes the most sense to replace windows first and siding later. It may mean having your windows capped twice, but this is preferable to having your brand new siding rearranged as part of the window installation. While reliable siding contractors can do a great job, there are many factors that can impact how well siding can be reassembled once it has been removed. RAM Residential Remodeling is proud to be able to offer both siding contractor services and window replacements.

For answers to more questions or to get a free estimate from our window and siding contractors, call us today at 586-731-9830 to get started. Let our fully licensed and certified technicians help you make the right decision for your home, budget and priorities.