Siding Contractors Allenton MI

Siding Contractors in Allenton MI

Maybe you’re a first-time homeowner or you’ve been fortunate to never need to have new siding installed. Whatever the reason, if you’re facing your first experience, we’ve put together this guide to walk you through the process. After more than 30 years as siding contractors in the Allenton, MI area (including the Metro Detroit area), we still don’t take for granted how confusing this process can be for those inexperienced in hiring siding contractors for siding installation.

Preparations You Can Make When Hiring Siding Contractors in Allenton MI

Once you’ve set up your installation, there are a few things you can do to make things go easier for you and your siding contractor. These preparations include:

  • Trim or tie back shrubbery and trees that encroach on your house. Having your grass neatly trimmed will also help your siding contractor when cleaning up any lost nails or materials that were dropped during installation.
  • Move vehicles away from your house so that your siding contractors do not have to work around them and to ensure there is no accidental damage due to any falling debris.
  • Clear the area around your home so that your siding contractors can easily access all walls and move around freely while installing your siding.
  • In case of vibrations due to the hammering required to install siding, removing pictures or shelves from the interior of the wall being worked on can prevent accidental damage to your belongings from siding contractors.
  • Make sure pets and children are kept away from the siding contractors at all times. Remember that there may be falling debris, lost nails and lots of activity going on while your siding is installed.

The Installation Process from Siding Contractors in Allenton MI

Your siding contractors will generally follow a similar process to the one outlined here. Siding installation can vary on a case by case basis, so feel free to ask your siding contractors about their proposed timeline while keeping in mind that many things are variable in this process. Overall, you can expect the following steps to be followed:

  1. Site Prep – This step is expedited if you have made the preparations above.
  2. Siding Removal – Existing siding will be removed by your siding contractors.
  3. Moisture Barrier – This step is critical and can vary depending on the conditions uncovered in the previous step. Your siding contractors will make necessary repairs or preparations that ensure a proper moisture barrier for your home.
  4. Inspection of Insulation – Your siding contractors will generally take this opportunity to ensure that your home is properly insulated.
  5. Siding Installation – Your siding contractors will skillfully install new highly energy efficient siding.
  6. Cleanup – Once the job is complete your siding contractors will cleanup the work area to ensure no nails, material or other trash are left behind.

At RAM Residential Remodeling, we’re proud to have served as reputable, fully licensed and insured siding contractors in the Metro Detroit area, including Allenton, MN, since 1987. Call us today at 586-731-9830 for your free, detailed estimate.