Roofing Contractors Near You

Roofing Contractors Near You

Roofing Contractors Near YouIf you’ve been a resident of Michigan for a few years now, you’ll understand that during the winter temperatures can plummet. This means that for you and your family to feel 100 percent secure during times of inclement weather, every aspect of your home needs to be in the best condition possible.

This, of course, includes your roof. If your roof is looking past its best and you feel it needs an inspection, or if you’ve identified a definite issue, then you’ll probably be looking for roofing contractors near you.

If You’re Looking for Roofing Contractors Near You, Then Contact RAM Residential Remodeling

RAM Residential Remodeling can provide you with roofing services like no other. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a roof inspection, roof repairs or even a complete roof replacement, we can do it all. We are also siding contractors and offer replacement windows and insulation services as well.

We are a family-owned company that has been repeatedly successful within our business niche for over thirty years, now. We are so confident in all that we do that all our services come with a full lifetime warranty. If you are looking for roofing contractors near you, then RAM Residential Remodeling is the company that you should trust.

Among the roofing services that we provide are:

  • The demolition and successful removal of your old, damaged or in disrepair roof
  • Roof patching that will match the color of your existing roof
  • The repair and/or replacement of flat roofs or rubber roofs
  • The removal of ‘ice dams’ during freezing weather
  • The repair and/or replacement of gutters, sidings and more
  • Full roof inspections without obligation

For Roofing Contractors Near You, RAM Residential Remodeling Should Be Your Number One Choice

Finding the right roofing contractor can be both a risky and painful business. Your roof is perhaps the most important part of your home when it comes to protection against the elements, so repairs are not a task you can simply hand off to a local handyman. When looking for roofing contractors near you, you need to have the confidence that you are dealing with the very best.

To end your search for roofing contractors near you, simply contact us here at RAM Residential Remodeling. We can be contacted at (586) 731-9830, or by using the online contact form that we have provided for you on our website.