Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to enjoy moments with your family and watch the trees change colors, but it is also a time when roof maintenance becomes a major concern. Dropped leaves, fall storms, and unpredictable weather patterns can quickly put your roof at risk. Use these fall roof maintenance tips to ensure that your home is protected this season.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Believe it or not, clogged gutters can cause a slew of problems or your roofing. The water that would normally drain down your guttering will fleck off onto your roofing, which can rot away your trim, shingles, roof lining, and more. This may also create soft spots in your roof that will leak over time. Make sure you clean your gutters thoroughly during the fall to protect your roofing.

Get A Pre-Winter Inspection

During the winter, snow and ice cover your roof and weigh down your roofing materials. Before that happens, you should get a roof inspection to check for weak areas that could cave in under the pressure. Remember this Allstate ad from a few years ago where “Mayhem” dropped a huge pile of snow through a person’s garage roof?

You don’t want that to happen to your roof. A thorough inspection in the fall will ensure that your roof is repaired before winter.

Note that this would also be a good time to have your chimney inspected. While the contractor is up on your roof, he can check for any potential leaks or damage in your chimney that you might not know of. If you need repair work done, it would be best to have that completed before you turn on the fireplace this winter.

Trim Back Low-Lying Branches

As the leaves start to fall, you will have a better picture of what the branches on your trees look like. If you notice some that look weak or hang close to your roofline, you may want to trim them off before they start causing problems. Trimming back the branches will also minimize the leaves that collect in your gutters, which will help you keep them clean. Use the nice weather to your advantage to keep your trees and other plants contained around your home.

Contact a roofing company at the first sign of problems, and you won’t have to worry about your roof this winter.