Christ United Methodist Church Roofing Project

Christ United Methodist Church Roofing Project

Roger McCauley AKA ‘Roger The Roofer’ And Robin Sullivan visiting the Christ United Methodist Church job site on June 17, 2013.

Recently R.A.M. Residential replaced a roof for Christ United Methodist Church. Roger is the president and founder of┬áR.A.M. Residential roofing contractors and had some time to meet up with WMUZ’s very own Robin Sullivan who hosts the Praise Company. This roofing job incorporated a complete rebuild and then finishing it off with 2013 technology shingles.

R.A.M. Residential also specializes in roofing repairs, siding repairs, beautiful new replacement windows, seamless gutters and downspouts, expert home remodeling and commercial and residential painting. Take advantage of Roger’s experience including over 25 years of home improvements.