Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows Compared to Wood Windows

Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows Compared to Wood Windows

Many people seem reluctant to switch their old wooden windows for new, energy-efficient vinyl ones, mainly because they feel wood is ‘traditional’ and that going vinyl will ruin the look of their home. The truth is, contemporary vinyl windows are just as good-looking as wooden ones, and they have a considerable number of other benefits too.

The two biggest benefits of switching from wooden windows to vinyl ones are affordability and energy-efficiency. Vinyl windows are typically much cheaper than their wooden counterparts without any compromise on quality. Wooden windows also need more frequent maintenance than vinyl, so switching to vinyl will save you money both in the short term and the long run.

Having Vinyl Windows Will See You Saving Money – Guaranteed!

Saving on your energy bills is becoming increasingly important as the cost of energy is continuing to rise all over the globe. You cannot get more energy-efficient when it comes to windows than vinyl. Vinyl windows are manufactured using a plastic known as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short. There is no better material for windows when it comes to maintaining the core temperature of your home, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Wooden windows are also prone to the effects of the elements. Wood swells and rots due to exposure to moisture in the air. Pests like termites love wood and are quite happy to make your windows their home. This means that you will have to treat and maintain your wooden windows so that they remain fit-for-purpose.

Vinyl windows are not only resistant to the ravages of weather and insects, they are also resistant against mold, scratches, and dents. Vinyl does not rot, either. You will have to look after your vinyl windows, but you won’t have anything like the same levels of care as you do with wooden windows.

Having Vinyl Windows Will Increase the Value of Your Property

People are much more money-conscious when it comes to the affordability of a new home these days, and having energy-efficient windows is an important consideration. Switching to vinyl will help increase your home’s value.

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