Bathroom Remodeling vs. Kitchen Remodeling – Which One Comes First?

Bathroom Remodeling vs. Kitchen Remodeling – Which One Comes First?

The two most important rooms to remodel in your home are your bathroom and your kitchen. These are the rooms that yield the best return on investment, and they are the ones that future buyers look at most. If you cannot remodel both at once, you face an important decision: should I remodel my kitchen or bathroom first? Here are some tips to help you decide.

Get a Quote for Kitchen AND Bathroom Remodeling

Before you decide which room to remodel first, get a quote for both remodeling projects. You might be surprised by how affordable the prices are. You can usually save money by completing both jobs simultaneously. The workers can transition from one room to the next in a single day, rather than scheduling a new time to complete the work. You may also save on material costs by buying in a larger quantity. Find out what the price will be first, and then plan your budget from there.

Remodel the Room That Needs the Most Work

If you have to decide between kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, work on the room that needs the most updating. If your kitchen is from the 1970’s but your bathrooms are from the early 2000’s, you would want to start with the kitchen. If your kitchen only needs new countertops but your bathrooms need to be completely gutted, you may want to start with the bathrooms.

Of course, this decision largely depends on your budget. After your kitchen and bathroom remodeling quote, determine which room you can reasonably remodel at this time.

Remodel Certain Features of Both Spaces

You do not have to completely remodel your kitchen and bathroom. You could do a small update in both spaces and work on the rest over time. Ask your Michigan remodeling company for recommendations. You may start by getting new countertops for both spaces. You could also get new tile or new cabinets, depending on your needs. Your contractor can suggest the best remodeling projects to start with, without interrupting any future plans.

Create a Long-Term Home Remodeling Plan

If you need to extend your home remodeling over several month, talk to your contractor about the best course of action. The remodeling project needs to be tackled in a certain order to keep costs down and maximize your results. Create a long-term remodeling plan for your home, and enjoy the beautiful changes to come.

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