Add Extra Square Footage with a Home Addition

Add Extra Square Footage with a Home Addition

In love with your existing home, but have you run out of space? Picking up and moving your family may not be the best decision. Alternatively, why not consider adding extra square footage with a home addition from our team at RAM Residential. Our home renovation specialists can help make your home addition dreams comes true.

Custom Home Renovation Experts

At RAM Residential, we want you to help us with all of the details and decisions surrounding your home addition. After all this is your home, so we want to be sure that you’ve added the personal flare that you desire. Our home addition experts will take the time upfront to sit with you and get a true understanding of the objectives that you’d like to achieve with your extra square footage. From there, we’ll get to work on creating the perfect home addition for you and your family.

Home Addition Contractor Offering the Total Package

Some contractors can only handle a portion of the home addition project. At RAM Residential, we offer the total package to our customers. Whether it is a new roof, siding, windows or even insulation for your extra square footage, we’ve got you covered. By only having to deal with one contractor for your home addition project, things will go a lot smoother for you as the homeowner.

Complimentary Home Addition Estimate

We understand that investing in extra square footage with a home addition can be a costly project. To help alleviate the stress of the potential price tag on this project, our team offers our clients a free, complimentary home addition estimate. We’ll lay out all of the financial aspects of this project and give you the necessary time to decide on whether or not this is a project that you can take on. The best part about our complimentary home addition estimates is that there is no obligation. Our staff wants you to be 100% confident that you’re ready to take on this project before having to sign on any dotted line.

With more than 25 years of experience handling home addition projects, there’s no better contractor to choose than RAM Residential. We take pride in offering a wide array of customizations when it comes to adding square footage with a home addition. If you’re interested in adding square footage to your existing home instead of having to move from the home that you love, request a free estimate from RAM Residential today. Give us a call at (586) 731-9830 to learn more.