4 Reasons Why You Should Never Put Off Roof Leak Repairs

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Put Off Roof Leak Repairs

If you notice that your roof has a leak, and you think it’s only a small leak that doesn’t really require fixing, then you will need to think again. Even the tiniest leak can cause real issues that could lead to hefty repair bills if it is left unchecked.

Here are 4 reasons why you should never put off roof leak repairs.

Potential for Electrical Problems

It’s safe to say that electricity and water are not the best of friends. Water can cause real damage to your electrical system if it is allowed to come into contact with wiring, sockets or appliances. At best it’ll trip your breaker and at worst it’ll cause an electrical fire.

The Growth of Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew may seem like an annoyance, but they are bigger problems than you might think. Not only can they affect your home, they are also bad for your health. Mold and mildew both release spores that can get into HVAC system and subsequently you and your family’s lungs. Water intrusion will promote the growth of both mold and mildew.

Small Problems Become Major Problems

A minor leak can simply be the start of something much more damaging. Leaks cause weaknesses in the overall structure of your home, so a minor leak can swiftly become a significant problem, causing major damage. If water is allowed to soak into the wooden structure of your roof then that wood will soften and become weak. You could soon be looking at spending a fortune to get your joists repaired or your entire roof replaced.

Heat Loss Through the Reduced Efficiency of Your Insulation

Most attics are layered with fiberglass insulation. If water through a leak is allowed to soak into this insulation, then it will reduce its effectiveness. Damp insulation compresses and becomes clumpy, reducing the fiberglass’s ability to keep in heat. You will experience heftier heating and cooling bills if you allow your roof insulation to become wet.

There are countless other reasons as to why, when you spot a roof leak, you should get it fix instantly, if not sooner!

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