4 Common Design Themes For Detroit Homes

4 Common Design Themes For Detroit Homes

Want to make your home look its best? Then you need a theme to tie your designs together. You can make your house look however you want, but it is often best to come up with an overall image that you want your home to have. Then you can make each room reflect your vision in a different way. Listed below are 4 common design themes for Detroit homes that you can use for inspiration.


With easy access to Lake Eerie and Lake St. Clair, Detroit is the perfect place to have a nautical themed house. Get inspired by the boats on the harbor and the stunning beaches along the coast when you use this theme.

  • Common Colors: Red, White, Blue, Gold
  • Accent Pieces: Lighthouses, Ships, Life Rafts, Fishing Supplies


Detroit has an array of older homes that inherently have a traditional style in the way they are made. You can enhance that with the design elements in your home. Traditional themes are often the warmest and most comfortable themes to live in, but you can make any one of these ideas feel like home.

  • Common Colors: Beige, Brown, Cream, Sage Green, And Other Neutrals
  • Accent Pieces: Dark Wood Furniture, Framed Art, Minimal Patterns, Family Photos


While the rustic theme might seem like a good fit for the south, there are still plenty of homes that use it in the Detroit area. Rustic themes can go in many different directions, from full western wear to backwoods simplicity. You don’t have to be a cowboy to appreciate a country way of life. You can get a touch of that right here in the city.

  • Common Colors: Brown, White, Red, Orange, Blue, Hunter Green
  • Accent Pieces: Saddles, Cast Iron, Indian Prints, Cowhide, Leather, Stars, American Flags


Modern or contemporary designs have just recently made their way into Detroit homes. This concept is the exact opposite of the traditional theme, with bright colors and graphic prints creating a bold, rich appearance for every room. Many people associate modern themes with the younger generation, but you can appreciate the wow-factor of this concept at any age.

  • Common Colors: White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Red, And Other Bright Colors
  • Accent Pieces: Intricate Sculptures, Neutral Walls With Bold Accents, Uniquely-Shaped Furniture, Clean Lines